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Post by Guest on Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:11 am

 alien Hi guys!

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section!

Støleyourgf Here,
I'm 14 years old and I've been playing world of Warcraft since I was about 7, basically 7 years of "experience", Doesn't mean I was good at it Razz. Anyways point being overtime I learned to play the class and I've had my rogue since TBC I used to be known as Cherrace of the Alliance! Then I realized how bad alliance is at PvP so I bought a $25 Faction change and found you guys! Stiller Blitz! I want to also add that SBLZ is probably the best PvP guild I've ever been in very friendly people and there's' a huge variety of players here.

During TBC my older brother was teaching me about Twinks. Basically taking a lowbie and buffing it up to a crazy potential. We basically made my rogue a Dodge Twink and an Agility Twink. Being buffed up like this made me think I was so skilled because I was able to beat people a couple levels higher than me Very Happy. I also recall having the entire Defias body armor I used to have some screenshots but I lost them  Mad. Then WoTlk came along and completely destroyed my twink. They ruined all my enchants everything had level requirements etc. I quit my rogue then joined my brother on the Underbog. I made another rogue and a Hunter, I leveled that hunter to level 80, I used to love doing pvp on him, I hit 1700s rating on him I leveled the rogue to 40 and quit because I was too lazy to level him the rest of the way there My other rogue back on Deathwing I leveled him to 70 and made him a Sunwell/Brutal Gladiator twink. I quit Wotlk in season 8 and the entire Cataclysm. I then came back in MoP, because blizzard kept flooding my email with messages to come back. I took the 10 day trial, and I wasnt completely satisfied because they destroyed the talent trees, and completely twisted everything I had known about world of warcraft. to this day, I still hate Pandas and Monks. I did RaF with my friend Omar from school and we had gotten around 3-4 characters to 85. One of these happened to be my rogue that was at level 70,

I came back to WoW with my rogue at 85, then worked it all the way 90. Might I say, I really didn't like the leveling content for MoP. Nothing against those who do.

To conclude this long ass story, After all of those characters I still stayed with my Rogue that I've had now for about 7 years. I'm not so great at playing it, maybe one day i'll be as good as Reckful, DjPikaboo, etc.

I want to thank you guys, my guildies for helping me/housing me as I continue to learn World of Warcraft!


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