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Helpful Social Addons

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Helpful Social Addons

Post by Espyface on Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:25 am

Guild Recruitment Helper-This is an Extremely useful tool in recruiting people, it automatically puts out our guild recruitment message!
There will be instructions below about how to properly utilize this tool.
{star}$gname{star} is one of the oldest PvP oriented communities on the server! Based on friends, Honor, and Good times; we are building toward weekly RBG's. Ranks by gear and competency! Looking 4 RBG leaders. Pst or Check SBLZ.EDITBOARD.COM for m

Set the announce interval to 5 minutes, and spam protection to 0
and Announce to Trade and General. You can even make it auto DnD when it is posting, and have a message ready for people who whisper!

Tol Barad Reminder-this reminds the entire guild about tol barad, you should do tol barad all the time if you do not have full honor gear.

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