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Vîolence's Ten Question App (LEFT - REFUSES TO VOICECHAT)

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Vîolence's Ten Question App (LEFT - REFUSES TO VOICECHAT)

Post by Violence13 on Sun May 12, 2013 9:27 pm

1. How old are you?
2. Are you Male or Female?
3. What is your main game? How long have you been playing it?
-World of Warcraft. Since launch with a 1 and half year break between BC and Wrath.
4. What Role do you fill? (Class/Spec/Raider/PvPer) What is your characters name?
-Ret Pally. Mainly PvP with some Raid Finder on the side. Nothing big for PvE. Vîolence is my character
5. What other games do you like to play?
-I play a lot of Super Smash Brothers and Resident Evil.
6. Do you have a Microphone and are willing to use it for activities? (Requirement for high end Guild PvP)
-Yes. On most nights I will be able to. Sometimes my roommate needs to sleep and needs it quiet but I'm usually able to.
7. Can you handle being responsible for your actions, and words?
8. Do you understand that if there is a majority who find you distasteful/offensive/belligerent, you will be removed and not ever allowed back in, even if it was due to Alchohol or Narcotics.
9. Can you show up to events that you sign up for, ON TIME OR EARLIER?
-For the most part. There are always exceptions I would assume.
10. Anything you would like to add about yourself. Maybe what Times you are available or Hobbies?
-Well school is ending in a couple of days so I'll definitely have more free time but i wont know for sure until i get my work schedule.


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Re: Vîolence's Ten Question App (LEFT - REFUSES TO VOICECHAT)

Post by Espyface on Mon May 13, 2013 8:22 am

Welcome to the community!


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