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Event Changes!

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Event Changes!

Post by Espyface on Wed May 08, 2013 10:16 pm

Hello to everyone taking the time to read this! In my efforts to form a community, we have to attract people! There are a number of incentives we offer here to encourage this, chief among them are the social events and RBG's held Sunday nights. Initially I planned to have a 2v2 Tournament availible EVERY Sunday before RBG's, but that was good for a while and got stale, which leads to the new system! We will still have events EVERY Sunday, but the type of guild event will cycle, and there can even be events for lower levels! Ideally I will post the events cycle for the first month, and if everyone digs it we will use that. I am thinking of the First week of the month being a 1v1 Tournament Triple Elimination, then the Second week would be RBG Practice Drills, the Third week being a 2v2 Tournament Double Elimination, and the Fourth week being a Rat Race. If you would like more details about any of these events please refer to the appropriate thread or contact Blazinbull ingame.

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