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Sunday May 5th 2v2 Tournament 8:00PM SERVER

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Sunday May 5th 2v2 Tournament 8:00PM SERVER

Post by Espyface on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:15 pm

Here we go again folks! This weeks PvP Tournament will be Twisted Evil 2v2 Double Elimination Twisted Evil

----Tournament Rules-----

1. No Interfering in a fight in progress -> Expulsion from tournament with no refund, Guild DEMOTE, Maybe Guild Kick

2. You may bring spectators, but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM, if they act a fool, you will be punished. -> See above

3.If an Outsider comes and interrupts the fight, Cross Faction Horde/Alliance, you may assist the fighters in dealing with them, DO NOT KILL GUILDIES

4. If you can do it, you may do it. Engineering, Potions, Battle/Normal Resurrection Spells.

5. NO RUNNING BACK TO YOUR BODY-> Expulsion from Tournament with no refund

6. If a pair of Characters win the Tournament on week A, They may not pair together on Week B, but may pair again on Week C

7. Tournament prize distribution is decided by a poll on the Tournament Topic.

8. The fights will have a 15 minute time limit, if at 15 minutes it is 2v2, it will end in a draw both teams suffering 1 loss, if it is 2v1 at the 15 minute mark, the team of 2 will take the win.

At 7:40 PM Server I will begin putting together the main Tournament raid group, we will put down a Blue and Red raid marker, Each team will be assigned a number, and then random rolls will generate the bracket.

When a fight is to begin, it will be in this format.
Team A to BLUE - Blue team drops raid and forms their own party
Team B to RED - Red team drops raid and forms their own party
Then a Non-Fighter will do the usual, 3,2,1 GO
Fight will carry on until time limit of team death
All 4 fighters drop party, everyone rejoin raid group, resurrect, rinse and repeat!

After the tournament, it is general mosh-pit rules go in and fuck up whatever you'd like, if your not into that, I would avoid the arena floor. General courtesy is to gang bang non-guildies first

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