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Phase 4 - Events/Recruiting

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Phase 4 - Events/Recruiting

Post by Espyface on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:38 pm

It has been a successful month team, and I feel confident about moving the guild agenda into Phase 4.

You may ask yourself, what does Phase 4 mean for me?

Well, if you read up on Phase 3, we were doing our best just to get the guild populated with decent well morally adjusted individuals via application, and let me say WHAT A RESOUNDING SUCCESS

Moving into Phase 4 does not mean that we are not accepting open applications anymore, nor will we stop anywhere in the future! What it does mean is that potential recruits get a lot more incentive to join! From now on EVERY SUNDAY there will be a PvP Tournament followed by What RBG's we can get going! So if you would like to participate in these yourself make sure to read up in the threads, provide the proper information when signing up, and when talking to potential recruits MAKE SURE TO MENTION THESE EVENTS! Our guild DOES have guild repairs available that scale with ones rank!

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