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wake up and smell the bloodshed.

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wake up and smell the bloodshed.

Post by bobkallady on Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:20 pm

It's a new year on wow, a new world... Here we are grinding for honor and conquest again. And for you I have some tips to help shorten this lengthy grind.

If you are new to the garrison system, but are eager to earn your honor, you should set uP a gladiators sanctum in your garrison, it will create honor gold and gear from broken bones you have turned in for work orders. However, in addition to gaining higher level gear drops, if you aren't strictly focused on PvP gear, you should also set up a war mill, you' all find that if you are out doing pve you will be rewarded much better with gear of a higher item level, and also chance at getting gear from missions.

Another good way to get loads of honor is by participating in tol barad. It pops every 2 hours and 23 minutes, so go to the portal in orgrimmar , and run south east on the map toward the bridge that leads to the zone IN ORDER to que for it. Bring friends, cap 3 buildings, then game over FTW 500 honor out the booty and into your wallet. Of course there is a weekly quest for winning too barad that gives a hefty bit of honor as well.

A note for world pvp, 90-100 enemies can be ganked for honor and bones ( which you use at gladiator sanctum) don't feel bad about it, the town guards which are usually 99-100 elite are not as beefy as you might think they are so don't be afraid to camp a lowbie town for a minute, it is fun.

Apart from all that bs, the last new thing to mention is ashram PvP zone, pretty much go to warspear, head out of the town and up the path. Que pops. Wait for a hour or so... Then if you get in remember winning the battle equals less honor than grinding the Events in the side zones. And the honor grind itself is useful.. Note that one person usually spends 2 to3 hours there. Be prepared.. Thanks for reading!


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Re: wake up and smell the bloodshed.

Post by Espyface on Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:01 pm

Pretty much sums up the WoD PvP Life, good quick guide to getting started cat

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