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Frost Death knight

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Frost Death knight

Post by Tytin on Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:18 pm

- What is your name, age, class, and spec?
Tytin (mitch), 21, DK, Frost
- Do you have a microphone and can use Raidcall?
I have a mic but Ive never used Raidcall but I can if I need to
- Why are you interested in becoming a part of our team?
Because I want a team that is active and wanting to do RBGs
- What can you bring to our team?
ilv 624 I know good strategies to RBGs, competent, can learn new strategies quickly, and I do what I'm told
- Why should we chose you over other applicants?
my ilv just hit the conquest gear phase, I know my toon and I am strategic
- What are your professions along with their level?
engineering lv 1. This toon is just for pvp and it doesnt look like professions really matter that much in combat for this xpack
- What is your history with PVP? Tell us of some of your greatest accomplishments and how long you have been dedicated to PVP.
Ive done arenas in the past, I've been doing them now. I got my gear from BGs, and my conquest from arenas.


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Re: Frost Death knight

Post by Espyface on Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:31 am

Hey buddy, the app you filled out is slightly outdated, we recently purchased a teamspeak 3 server, so now we are looking to make that the guild VOIP. Other then that, good initiative, I am looking forward to meeting you in game and getting some PvP going Very Happy


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