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Pvp for rating

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Pvp for rating

Post by Nighthawk on Fri May 30, 2014 8:27 pm

- What is your name, age, class, and spec?
Dave, 34, Rogue, Sub

- Do you have a microphone and can use Raidcall?
yes and yes

- Why are you interested in becoming a part of our team?
I am interested in doing this to help myself become better at pvp and the guild

- What can you bring to our team?
I have always played a rogue and am okay at it, I can follow instruction and make decisions on my own based on what is happening in the rbg.

- Why should we chose you over other applicants?
Mostly because I am serious about becoming the best rogue in our guild.

- What are your professions along with their level?
LW 600 Eng. 450.

- What is your history with PVP? Tell us of some of your greatest accomplishments and how long you have been dedicated to PVP.


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