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Punchmaster - Warlock - Destro

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Punchmaster - Warlock - Destro

Post by Punchmaster on Wed May 28, 2014 1:20 am

- What is your name, age, class, and spec?
Chris, 32, Warlololock, Destro/Affliction

- Do you have a microphone and can use Raidcall?
Yes, yes durrr

- Why are you interested in becoming a part of our team?
Because I'll be leading it. I want to have a good team that works well together and can improve every week while getting higher rating.

- What can you bring to our team?
Strat calling
Big burst (destro) or AoE pressure and dispel protection (afflic)

- Why should we chose you over other applicants?
I have RBG experience up to about 1850.

- What are your professions along with their level?
Blacksmithing 565
Tailoring 600

- What is your history with PVP? Tell us of some of your greatest accomplishments and how long you have been dedicated to PVP.
I've always played more PvP than PvE since I started in BC. This is the first season I've tried for RBG rating and am currently around 1850.

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