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End of Hiatus - Back to Business - Phase 1

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End of Hiatus - Back to Business - Phase 1

Post by Espyface on Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:58 pm

Hello everyone, Espiro here, I am back to end our current status quo, and get to weekly events and expanding the community! Of course if anyone ever has any suggestions about how they think we may best go about this, feel free to share your input!

The biggest reason for this post was to share the current 5 phase plan.

Phase 1 - Open recruitment, repopulating guild as well as establishing third party programs.

Phase 2 - Open recruitment using Weekly PvP/Social events done through war games as incentives to join.

Phase 3 - Establishing our weekly core RBG team, unfortunately at this point someone will have to help me manage events and the RBG's because I cannot do both, or Events will end Sad

Phase 4 - Continue to expand the community in anticipation of the Deathwing merge

Phase 5 - Profit.

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