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Phase 3 - Recruitment

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Phase 3 - Recruitment

Post by Espyface on Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:12 pm

To everyone who is in the guild still after my hiatus, Thank you, without you this would be 100x harder. I am excited to see new people and want to get the Tournaments going ASAP, every Sunday a PvP Tournament followed by RBG's if we have the people. But to do this and have events, we need people to fill them! So as of right now our goal needs to be recruitment all day everyday! I posted a helpful recruitment addon in the addon section.

While recruiting is important, it is ESSENTIAL for people and friends to fill out the apps, it gives a sense who who is in the guild, and weeds out most undesirables.

So to sum this up, Glad to see you guys again! Try to recruit everyone to our guild, but make sure they go to and fill out our app

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